Happy Mother’s Day from Albergus!

On May 1st 2017, we asked our Facebook followers to share their #MomIsMyHero story on our page. Here at Albergus, we aim to give recognition for all the wonderful things Moms do for their kids! As promised, here’s a blog dedicated to our deserving winners and their inspiring Super Moms.

Here are the stories that have won our hearts (and made us cry too)! 

“My mom Simeona Cabile whom I called Nanay is SUPERHERO and she is the woman who serves as my strength inspired me in all aspects of my life. For the woman that I am today, I owe a lot to her. I am really blessed and favored because God really orchestrated to which mom I will belong and I can say that I am the luckiest daughter ever. We are not rich and I felt the lack growing up but my Nanay’s love filled every room of emptiness we have. She never failed to remind us to be a good person even if we are poor because only a good name is what we can be proud of, she said. She had done a lot of sacrifices for us to get a degree in college and I am a witness on how she struggled and conquered tiring and sleepless nights. She will do all the side-business and even man’s work just to have money so that I will have allowance the following day.

I saw her cried but she is the toughest. I saw her struggled in many ways but, like wonder woman she was a survivor in the race. I always saw her praying but not for herself for us her children. I remembered one time when I am with her, she wants to buy a stuff but again she did not buy it but instead she bought school stuff for us. She is a giver, a kind-hearted woman. She is my strength and that is why I am brave to face life’s challenges come what may because my Nanay is the best example of it. My nanay is my inspiration in everything that I do and will do in the future. To my Nanay who is the best mom in the world, I love you and I pray for your long life and good health. Now that I have my own family, I will teach my daughter all the learnings I learned from you. Your legacy will be passed on to my daughter and I will also raise my daughter like what you did to me.

Nanay, words are not enough to say how much I love and value you but I know in this simple way of sharing a portion of your goodness and who you are, I already did. Hope I have ample space and more time to share the deeper you but I know in this sense, it really reflects how great and how I called you my SUPERwoman – my Best Mom Ever! Happy Mother’s Day, I love you Nanay and hope we can share more kisses and hugs often and in many more years to come. 

– Ms. Roxane Cabile-Montierro


“My mom is my hero because of her intellectual act of kindness to everyone. She has been a great role model to me from the day I was born all throughout my life. Not only does she have a brave heart, for rearing our family and for overcoming huge obstacles in our lives, but also by bringing us into the life that we have today. She always show me her gentle and loving guide: never complaining or arguing and she always has a powerful solution on every problem she has faced. She talks to me, using her inspiring past experiences, to make her point. Her guidance has meant the success of me and my family.

Thinking back to my youth, I remember the day she taught me to ride the bike. I almost gave up due to my fears of falling down and getting hurt. Inch by inch, she guided me, and helped me conquer my fears and I learned how to ride. She never got tired of pushing me and saving me. Her arms were always open to hold me whenever any bad situation would arise. She cheered me on and told me “practice makes permanent and I will get the hang of it gradually.” The highway is very rough, but because of her care, I’m always safe. Thank you and I love you so much, Mom! Thanks for staying by my side through thick and thin. You always made me feel the world had not abandoned me and I knew you would never leave us. You were always been there for me during all my ups and downs. You are my first love, my best friend, and I do believe in “forever” because your love exists.  Happy mother’s day and I love you mom! #MomIsMyHero ” 
– Mr. Christian Mateo
“Of all the gifts that life has offered to me, a loving and supportive mother is the greatest gift of all. First of all, Happy Mother’s Day Mama! The crown is yours for being the “BEST MOM EVER!” We, (Me, Just, Glenn and Papa) will never call you that with nothing because you really deserve it more than anybody else. My #MomIsMyHero because without her and Papa, I’ll won’t exist in this world. She’s my ” buhay na bayani” in this world full of material things. She always reminds me that I can’t always get what I want, “you need to pay hardship before you get something that you desire.” Thank you so much for the love, support and for being an understanding mother to us.
I’m so proud of you. You achieved so many things. We’re lucky to have you! You’re not just a mother, you’re also our cheerleader, our number 1 supporter and the best mother! We always got your back no matter what. Thank you so much! Alam ko minsan naiinis kana samin, lalo na sakin. Hahaha. Lagi kitang binubully, inaasar, pinagtatawanan sa simpleng pagkakamali mo (which is wrong, sorry). I can’t imagine my life without you, Ma. Ayokong mawala ka kasi di ko kakayanin. Kaya I always treasure the moments that we shared. Kasi pagsisisihan ko talaga pag pinalagpas ko yun. Thank you for supporting me, lalo na kapag nagfafangirl ako kay Daniel. Nakakatuwa lang pag nagpopost ako, comment here, comment there ang peg mo. I’m just so happy dahil happy ka for me. Always remember that kahit na di kita nasasabihan ng mga sweet words (minsan nga pabiro pa.) lagi ka namang nasa puso ko, yiiiie! Hahahahaha. Happy Mother’s day Mother!! I love you Ma! You’re my number 1 Hero!”  
– Ms. Jewel Mae Bayos Pulido 
We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all our followers who shared their own stories. If only we could have all of you as winners, we would! Watch out for more exciting and meaningful contests we are to launch in the coming days. And to our winners, we hope that you had a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration along with sumptuous Albergus products! Enjoy our Food Order and Food To Go products together with your heroes! Again, Happy Mother’s Day!

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