Tungtong River Conservation Project #AlbergusCSR

Established in 2007, the Tungtong River Conservation Project of the Holistic Education and Development Center (HEDCen) has been known for its environmental advocacy that aims to bring back forests and home for the wild animals and plants through construction of forests or reforestation.

Our forests, being exploited for many purposes, it is very important for us to regrow vegetation lost due to human activities. Deforestation has disturbed our fragile ecosystem and the Earth is gradually losing its biodiversity as more and more animals are forced out of their natural habitat.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, last May 30, 2017, the Albergus team together with HEDCen students and Teacher Henry spent the entire day in doing activities that would surely help in sustaining one of our natural museums – the Tungtong River.

0700H: Arrival at HEDCen Quarters #AlbergusCSR

With much excitement and energy for the line up of activities, our day started early as we arrived at HEDCen at 07:00 am.

…and we’re all set! #AlbergusCSR

We started hiking towards Tungtong River’s upstream site carrying tree seedlings and tree planting tools.

Mr. Jimmy Button together with HEDCen Grade 10 students #AlbergusCSR




Together with some students and Teacher Henry Calilung, our leader, our team was divided into two groups (A and B) with an equal distribution of physically able participants who can dig holes for the tree-planting.

Teacher Henry Calilung of HEDCen giving his opening remarks to Albergus team #AlbergusCSR
Discussion in the middle of a forest is fun too! #AlbergusCSR
Team Alpha #AlbergusCSR
Team Bravo #AlbergusCSR

After the welcoming talk and discussion, team A and B alternately did tree-planting, rappelling, and river clean-up.

1. Cut those weeds that get all the soil nutrients. #AlbergusCSR


2. Dig, and dig, and dig! #AlbergusCSR
3. Plant that tree.  #AlbergusCSR
Crossing a river? Never a problem.  #AlbergusCSR


On our way to Tungtong River’s downstream site #AlbergusCSR
River Clean-Up #AlbergusCSR
Rappelling to the falls #AlbergusCSR

We ended our trip to the river while taking our lunch at the falls and yup, we’ll never miss photo ops!

We made it! #AlbergusCSR


We then trekked back to HEDCen quarters for a farewell talk that gave so much highlight to the need for making sustainable lifestyle choices for a better Earth. Albergus team also had the opportunity to encounter and feed wildlife animals before leaving.







Our take home message is just simple: LEARN TO CARE. Learn to care not just for ourselves, but for other human beings as well. Learn to care not just for the huge animals, but for the tiny creatures as well. Learn to care not just for our future, but for the future of our environment as well. If we want to give our future generation the gift of a green world, we must start replanting trees now.

On behalf of the Albergus family, we would like to thank the Holistic Education and Development Center for accommodating us and making this experience of ours an exceptional one. We are with you in your continuous fight towards the preservation of one of our national treasures – the Tungtong River.


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